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VINCheckFree helps you analyze the VIN of your car and retrieve credible information about the vehicle. With our services, you'll know the damage records, ownership history, mileage accuracy, and more instantly, all with a few simple clicks!

How VIN Check Free Works

Using VINCheckFree to check a VIN is easy:

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    Enter the VIN of the car in our search bar and start the search.

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    We will scan through our large database and find all records of the car.

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    Check the report and find what you need to know about the car.

Discover Vehicle History With Ease

We can help you discover vehicle details you need in several ways:

Decode VINs of Various Manufacturers

Our VIN decoders work for almost all auto manufacturers around the world. So, you'll get the information you need whatever your car brand is.

Decode VINs of Various Manufacturers
Look Up License Plates from Different Places

Look Up License Plates from Different Places

You can use the license plate lookup feature to find comprehensive details about a plate number and its associated vehicle, no matter where it is from.

Check VINs of Vehicles from Every State

You can perform a Free VIN Check on vehicles from every state of America. This allows you to find out all kinds of records about the vehicle.

Check VINs of Vehicles from Every State

How a VIN Can Be Broken Down

A VIN consists of letters and numbers of up to 17 digits in total. Each of them represents a certain bit of information about the car. You can see its structure from the example below:

  • WVW

    WVWThis is the world manufacturer identifier. It represents the origin country of the car and the company that produces it.
  • AR71K

    AR71KThis is the vehicle descriptor section. It will let you know about the brand, engine, style, size, and type of the car.
  • 57W

    57WThis section includes details about security check digits, model year, and the assembly plant.
  • 232443

    232443Known as the vehicle identifier section, this is a serial or production number unique to each car.
What You Will Get From a  Free VIN Check Report

What You Will Get From a Free VIN Check Report

You will get pretty much all the information you need to know about a car with our report.

  • Vehicle specification:

    With a VIN check, you'll know the basic information such as its engine, automobile platform, manufacturing sites, and more.

  • Accident or salvage record:

    You will get a list of every minor and major accident and damage that ever happened to the car.

  • Safety evaluation:

    The information you will get from a Free VIN Check report can give you a clue about whether it is still safe to drive the car.

  • Market value:

    With all the history reports and records, you will have a good estimate of how much the car is worth.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is a VIN?

    A VIN is short for Vehicle Identification Number which is a 17 digits code assigned to every car. Each digit of the code contains specific information related to the car.

  • Where can I find the VIN of a car?

  • Do all vehicles have a VIN?

  • What are the differences between a VIN and a license plate number?

  • Why is searching for a VIN helpful?

  • Are the Free VIN Check reports accurate?

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